Headquarters, Divisions, and Groups are all used throughout AMG as a way of grouping and organizing employees. The codes used for each are just another way of differentiating between them. They are in order from highest to lowest in organizational level: Headquarters, then Divisions, then Groups.


They can be added, edited, or deleted in Definitions > Organization.


Headquarters are usually used for different companies, many people only use one.

Headquarters, Divisions, and Groups Image 1


Divisions are usually for different locations, and they can be disabled if you do not wish to have three organizational levels.

Headquarters, Divisions, and Groups Image 2


Groups are any other grouping of employees - sometimes the employee's position or the department they work in.

 Headquarters, Divisions, and Groups Image 3 


When you add an employee you will select the headquarter, division and group they belong to. These are meant to be semi-permanent - they should not change on a regular basis. Groups are also similar to jobs and departments if you have the Job/Department Costing feature enabled. See this article for the difference between groups, jobs, and departments.