To set an employee to active or inactive:


1. Go to Definitions - Employees

2. Double click the Employee you want to edit (if the employee is already inactive be sure to click the Filter button and change the status to Inactive)

3a. If you are going to edit an existing status (eg employee should have always been active): double click the status line

3b. If you are adding a new status (eg employee was active but they are now inactive): Click the Add button at the bottom to add a new status

4. Select either active or inactive from the Status dropdown

Set Employee to Active/Inactive Image 1

5. Make sure the date is correct

6. Click OK on the Edit Status window, then make sure to click OK on the Edit Employee window to save the employee.



If an employee was set to inactive they will be hidden from most lists of employees in the software. Be sure to change the filter to show status of 'Any' to see all employees or 'Inactive to see only inactive employees.