Below is an attachment for a full guide for the web handpunch. Here are a list of features added to a Web handpunch that is modified by AMG:

DHCP support

No more complicated IP assignments,  host bits and IT involvements.  Just plug an ethernet chord into the device and it should assign itself an IP address. Device has a unique name in network. This will allow you to access it from any windows based computers without knowing it's IP address. 


Wireless  with  WPS
You can connect your web handpunch to your wireless with just single a click. Turn your web handpunch on and click the WPS button on your router. You are ready to go.
If your router has no WPS support you can configure wireless connectivity from the web handpunch's interface.


Wireless Access Point
Our Web Handpunch can be a stand alone wireless access point. You can connect to it wirelessly with smartphone, tablet or computer.  No additional equipment needed.


Web Interface
Built in web interface gives you full access to device configuration and testing. You can enroll , import and export employee templates, download punch logs,  create bell schedules, restrictions tables.  


AMG Web real time
Web Handpunch synchronization with AMGweb happens in real time.  Employee can see timecard related data like last punch, regular and overtime hours on LCD screen right after successful punch. The device will be operational and will keep collecting employee punch information even though web connectivity is lost. Will transmit once connection is resumed.