If you get an error when trying to add an employee on a handpunch follow these steps:

  • Open your AMG software to the Devices tab
  • Click Badges and select Manage Badges
  • Connect to the Device you are working on
  • A list of all users and employees enrolled in the clock will appear

Check to make sure there is no one already enrolled in the clock with the badge (User ID) you are trying to use

If that was not the problem, check how many people are enrolled on the clock to ensure it is not at the User limit. You can do this in the Manage Badges section or by going to the Handpunch itself:

To check the user count from the Handpunch, follow these steps:

  • Press Clear and Enter to access the menu (if you have an admin lock enter your ID and place your hand)
  • The Device should say Enter Password. Press 3 and Enter.
  • Select *NO until you see 'List Users'
  • Click #Yes and press 0 to display the remaining User Count