NOTE: Be sure to poll your device and backup badges before resetting the device as a reset will erase information from the clock!

Resetting handpunch devices could correct multiple issues that occur throughout use of this device. The options given when resetting are the SET-UP and ALL!!!


  1. Remove the Handpunch from Wall Mount using the Handpunch Key (the handpunch with drop forward and hang on its hinges)
  2. Disconnect the power from the main board on the back of the Handpunch 
  3. If the device screen still functions, then you have a backup battery. You will need to disable it. At the back of your device locate a pin with label “J7”. There should be a jumper on it. Remove this jumper.
  4. On the main board hold down white button in the middle of the device at the same time as reconnecting the power to the clock. This will make a beep sound. If you do not have a white button (pictured below) see this article about restting older handpunches.
  5. Let go of the white button.
 Reset a Handpunch Image 1
On the screen of the device you will see the options 1.SET-UP 9. ALL!!!
  • 1.SET-UP (Warm Boot) This resets the configuration of the IP Address, device admin lock out, adn the bell schedule
  • 9. ALL!!! (Cold Boot) Resets Employees/Supervisor hand templates and transactions (in most cases you will choose this option)
Press the corresponding button (1 or 9) then Enter and the device will reset.
Reset a Handpunch Image 2