I. Configure Network Configuration : 
Press 'ESC' and 'Enter' to enter 'Administration Menu'
Press 'Communication'
Specify IP (please use 'alpha' button to switch between numerical and symbol input) 
Specify Default Gateway (please use 'alpha' button to switch between numerical and symbol input)
Specify Subnet Mask (please use 'alpha' button to switch between numerical and symbol input)
Specify Punch Server please see Punch server parameters below
Press 'Save' 

Configure Punch Server
Punch server Parameters for amgwebtime.com
Specify Punch Server : http://amgwebtime.com/Services/GT400.ashx
Punch server parameters for AMG server and client based
Specify Punch Server : (http://xxx.xxx.xxx:3003) - (AMG Server IP address and followed by port :3003)
II. Communication Configuration
A. Configure GT-400 Device Profile in AMG Server/Client Software 

Open AMG Attendance System Software. 
Click 'Devices' tab
Click 'Configure Devices'
Click Add

Specify Device configuration as below : 
Specify Device 'Name'
Device Type :  'Schlage Handpunch GT-400' 
Communication type : Ethernet. 
IP Address : type IP address without http://
IP Port (outgoing) : 3001

Leave other field as default. 
Press 'OK'. To save your device Configuration. 

B. Configure GT-400 Device Profile in AMG Cloud Based Software 

On AMG Software Go to Devices->Configure Devices->Add

Device Type: Schlage Handpunch GT-400

Communication Type: Web

Serial Number: Get serial number from the back of the device or on the GT-400. Go to (ESC+ENTER) Menu->About.


Leave other field as default. 
III. Adding Supervisor in GT400 : 

Attention !! : 
Be sure to complete step I above before proceeding step below. | Always remember your Supervisor ID number Attention !!

If you forgot the Supervisor ID number, you are required to send your hardware to our service center unless it is connected to the software. 

Press 'ESC' and 'Enter' to enter 'Administration Menu' 
Press 'User Management' 
Press ADD
Specify Employee ID Number
Select / Check 'Manager' check box
Press Enroll 
Place Supervisor hand three times. 

III. Adding Employees in GT400 : 
Press 'ESC' and 'Enter' to enter 'Administration Menu' 
Enter your Supervisor ID number.
Press 'Enter'
Place Supervisor hand in platen to verify. 

Once Supervisor Hand is verified, 'Administration Menu' will be available

Press 'User Management' 
Press ADD
Specify Employee ID Number
Press Enroll 
Place Employee hand three times. 

Amnesty on HandPunch GT400 

NOTE: Amnesty gives us the ability to make transactions on the device without having to be properly verified by the hand reader.

  1. Once you are in the "Administration Menu", click on “User Management”, then click on the corresponding button next to the “Add” option, enter the employee’s badge number, click the button that corresponds with “Amnesty” and click Enroll.
  2. With this device, not everything can be placed under for it to enroll as amnesty, the red diodes that light up during hand enrollment must be cleared in order for this ID to go through with amnesty. The easiest way to do this would be to block the camera by holding your hand directly under the black glass above the platen.
  3. After enrollment is successful, to test it, enter id and place your hand in a way for the diodes to not show up, and it should successfully take your punch.

Rebooting and Shutdown GT-400 
Warning !! Do not unplug your GT-400 power cable to turn time clock off,
Improper shutdown will corrupt GT-400 memory module. 

To properly Shutdown your GT-400 :
Enter 'Administration Menu' 
Press 'Advance' 
Press 'Shutdown' 
Press 'Yes' to confirm

GT-400 will provide a short signal, wait for the light indicator bar (under LCD display) to completely turn off.
Unplug power cable.