Enrolling an Administrator

Administrator, is a person who has full access of the fingerprint device,

and have the right to enrolling new employees.

Before enrolling any employee in fingerprint device you should enroll

an Administrator first.

Depending on the authority level, administrator can be classified as


Super Administrator and General Manager. Super Administrator

handles device management and configuration as well enrolling

employees and other administrator (full access). on the other hand

General Manager limited to handle employee enrollment only.

Super Administrators are typically the individuals authorized as the

device's manager for an organization


Enrolling a Super Administrator

1. Press Menu button > Enroll > Manager > Super Admin

2. Select Finger and press OK to register new fingerprint as shown

below or you may press "_" "_" key to enroll "card" or

"password" instead. (please refer to step 5 - 6)

Press OK

Generally device will suggest the next ID number available from the

smallest unused ID . however You may enter your desired ID number using

the numerical keypad keys.

4. Press OK and place the finger onto the "fingerprint capture"

window in device. The device will ask to place same finger three

times. followed by pressing Ok to save the new enrollment.

Note :

• ID number is unique number that is distributed to each employee in

device. The range of ID number is 1-65535. The ID number is unique

and cannot be repeated or reassigned at any later date.

To enroll Proximity card, select "Card", press OK and wave card to

the proximity sensor area of the attendance device. After acquiring

the card number, the Fingerprint device will display card's OEM

numbers as shown in Figure below. Press OK to save changes.

6. you may enroll password by selecting "Password" option, press OK,

you will be required to enter the 4 digits PIN