HandPunch F Series DHCP, Wifi, Web, Realtime Push Upgrade

Real-Time Data to AMGtime
Synchronizing data from your HandPunch device to AMGtime will become real-time. You will have the option to allow employees to see their timecard data, like last punches, regular and overtime hours, all from the LCD screen on the HandPunch. In an occasion that web connectivity is lost, the HandPunch will continue collecting data, and will submit once the connection is resumed.

DHCP Support
Give your IT expert some time off - there are no more complicated setup or IP assignments. You can simply plug in the device into an Ethernet port, and find the device on the network with its’ own unique name. With this feature, you can access the device through any windows based computer, without knowing the IP address.

Wireless with WPS
Connect your HandPunch to the internet with a simple click. Once you turn on your HandPunch device, and press WPS on your router, you are ready to go.

Wireless Access Point
Turn your HandPunch device into a wireless access point and connect to the device with smartphones, tablets, or computers – no additional equipment necessary.

Web Server
You can access your device with web browser download attendance logs and controll badges and settings.