EM-703 | HandPunch HP-1000 Memory Expansion from 100 to 512 users

Schlage HandPunch HP-1000 Memory Expansion
EM-703 expands hand reader's user capacity from 100 to 512 users. 

Other available memory expansions options are:
EM-701 HandPunch HP-1000 Memory Expansion from 50 to 100 users.
EM-702 HandPunch HP-1000 Memory Expansion from 50 to 512 users. 

Quantity Levels
  • (1-3)
  • (4-7)
  • (8-10)
  • (11-Up)
  • $169.00
  • $160.55
  • $157.17
  • $152.10

HandPunch Memory Upgrades (user capacity) are handled via an activation code that is programmed into the HandPunch via the keyboard.
To request a Memory Upgrade it is necessary to supply AMG with the Serial Number of the HandPunch to be upgraded.
This is because the activation code is specific to an individual HandPunch reader.
Upgrade Programming Procedure:

1. Power up the HandPunch.
2. Wait until the date and time appear on the display.
3. Press the [CLEAR] [ENTER] keys simultaneously; you will then be prompted to enter a Password.
4. Press [2] then [ENTER]
5. Press [NO] until "Upgrade" appears
6. Press [YES]
7. Enter the activation code provided by your Dealer (note: the display will not show the numbers entered)
8. The display will say "Mem Upgrade XXX"
9. Press [Yes] The Upgrade is now complete.