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Face, Palm Recognition and Fingerprint Reader with WIFI

  • 5 Employee identity verification modes (face, palm, fingerprint, badge and pin/password)
  • Supports access control & external bell ringing 
  • Each terminal holds 1500 employees
  • Ethernet and WIFI Connections

AMG FR-2500 Biometric Facial Recognition System with face + palm recognition technology, arrivals and departures are easily tracked by the employee simply showing their face in front of the FR-2500 device. In less than 1 second the employees' identity will be verified, followed by a photo ID and voice confirmation.

A Dual Biometric Clock

The iFace FR-2500 biometric face recognition time clock is a multi-functional clock that operates in dual modes. Face + palm recognition technology can be used when it's desirable to have additional security and accuracy. Fingerprint access operates in identify mode, the employee simply touches the sensor to activate the punch in process. This time clock also supports bell control access.

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AMG FR-2500 Biometric Facial Recognition System

AMG Face Recognition Technology,  biometric time clock (FR-2000) combines state of the art biometric technology with secure, reliable data management.

A complete time and attendance system, the FR-2500, instantly identifies employees and allows for a touch less hygienic alternative to fingerprint readers while still eliminating buddy punching.

Here are some of the Face Recognition Technology benefits:

  • Identification modes include facial recognition, fingerprint, proximity card/FOB and/PIN w/password.
  • Elegant ergonomic design.
  • 4.3" LCD touch screen.
  • 6 User-defined function keys.
  • Relays for door access control.
  • Relay contact for external scheduled bell.
  • Optional built-in battery backup provides approx. 4 hours of continuous operation.

    Features of AMG Face + Palm Recognition Technology:

    • User Management
    • Enroll, Delete and Edit Users
    • Communication Settings
    • Set IP Address, Subnet Mask and Gateway
    • Set Serial Communication Parameters
    • Set Weigand Settings
    • Data Management i.e. clear logs, users etc.
    • Set function keys
    • Set Display Options
    • Set Bell Schedules
    • Set /date abd /tune
    • USB Drive Data Management
    • Upload and Download Data to USB Drive
    • Test the Hardware
    • View Records
    • System Info

    Specifications of AMG Face + Palm Recognition Technology:

    • Maximum Employee Capacity: 1500 Employees (per time clock)
    • Verification Method: facial recognition, palm recognition, fingerprint sensor, badge and PIN
    • Verification Time: Less than 1 second
    • Confirmation: Display, Led indicator and Voice confirmation
    • LCD Display: Touch screen 4.3 inch TFT color LCD, 320 x 240 resolution
    • Battery Backup: Up to 2 operational hours (fully charged)
    • Communication Interface: Built-in Ethernet and USB (cable/flash drive)
    • External Interface: Built-in Bell system & Door access relay
    • Memory Retention: Up to 5 years via the standard internal lithium battery
    • Size / Dimension:  8 Inch (20 cm) Wide | 7 Inch (17.5 cm) High |  4 Inch (10 cm) deep
    • Weight: 3lbs
    • Power: 12 Volt DC - 3 Watt (input:100 - 110 VAC) US adapter.
    • Operating Environment: Operating : 32 to 113 Fahrenheit (0 to 45 Celsius)
    • Working Humidity: 20% - 80%
    • Alarm Output: NO / NC
    • Installation Method: Wall Mounting
    • Power source
    • Ethernet, serial or USB Flash Drive (Depending on communication of choice)


    Enclosure for Face|Palm Recognition

    Enclosure for Face|Palm Recognition

    Outdoor Enclosure for FR-2000 Face recognition units

    Price: $180.00
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    Proximity ID Cards

    Proximity ID Cards

    The Badges for the AMG Proximity Badge Reader are made from a durable plastic material.

    Price: $2.99
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    Proximity Key Fobs for AMG Time Recorder Systems

    Proximity Key Fobs for AMG Time Recorder Systems

    The Proximity key fobs hooks onto your keychain within a matter of seconds.

    Price: $2.99
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    Badge ID Racks

    Employee Badge Rack 12 Pocket

    Employee Badge Rack 12 Pocket

    12 Employee Badge Rack keeps time cards, badges & other items neatly organized within hands reach.

    Price: $9.95
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    Employee Badge Rack 24 Pocket

    Employee Badge Rack 24 Pocket

    24 Employee Badge Rack keeps time cards, badges & other items neatly organized within hands reach.

    Price: $13.95
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