Virtual Elionic Employee Kiosk, Without the Kiosk!

Virtual Elionic Employee Kiosk, Without the Kiosk!

Virtual Elionic Kiosk on computer desktop
Keeping Your Employees Informed

Employees always want to stay in the know, and why shouldn’t they? They come to work every day, clock in, take breaks, accrue sick and paid vacation, then clock out when the day is over. They should be able to access all their employee information whenever they would like to. Now, instead of employees waiting for timecards or having to request information from HR or administrators, they can view all this information when they want to with AMGtime’s Virtual Elionic Employee Kiosk.

Convenient to Use While Alleviating Administrative Tasks

Ease of use and convenience was the main priority when creating the Virtual Elionic. The beauty of the Virtual Elionic is no additional hardware needs purchasing due to its compatibility with PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Employees can clock in or view benefits, worked hours, schedules, recent punches, or request time off by typing in their unique set of ID and password to access their profile. A USB card device option as an additional method of transacting with the Virtual Elionic. One difference worth noting between physical time clocks and the cloud solution is cloud solutions are always running on the latest updates.

The Virtual Elionic can alleviate tasks from administrators and or HR personnel. All employee information, like time and attendance data, is available to them anytime, anywhere. Employees no longer need to request from HR to view their benefits, accrued sick pay, etc. Moreover, giving employees the ability to access their information institutes transparency and trust, creating a healthier work environment. With the Virtual Elionic Employee Kiosk, employers and employees can utilize this software seamlessly into their everyday work lives. 



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