Manage Your Staffing Agency with AMGtime’s Solutions

Efficiently manage employee time and attendance, pay rate and client rate, and managing employees working at different client locations can get quite strenuous for staffing agencies.

Fortunately, AMGtime has developed solutions that speed up the process and eliminate human error so that staffing agencies can focus on growing their business. AMGtime makes it easy for staffing agencies to introduce a time and attendance system to their clients.

Below are some popular AMGtime solutions amongst our staffing clients.


1. Staffing Agency Module


This module tracks employee hours at client locations, monitors employee pay rate and client bill rate, imports schedules, as well as runs a wage summary report that calculates wages on bill rate. Staffing agencies can painlessly manage their workforce with this solution.


2. Job & Department Costing


Job/Department costing allows management to apply varied compensation per employee based on different jobs and/or departments to which they are assigned. Employees of staffing agencies tackle different jobs throughout the day. Some jobs may require a different skillset and therefore higher/lower pay than others. This solution ensures that the appropriate wages are linked with the correct employee for their hours worked, making managing wages effortless.


3. One Screen Easy Scheduling


Scheduling employees have never been easier! One Screen Easy Scheduling allows managers to create and edit all employees or a group of employee’s schedules in one screen. This is great for staffing agencies as they often need to quickly schedule multiple employees all at the same time. This feature also allows for setting schedule rotations.


4. Badge Repository


Hardware provides one of the most efficient ways for Staffing Agencies to gather time and attendance data across multiple clients. However, can get time-consuming to transfer employee information across various devices in different locations. The Badge Repository feature allows you to save time setting up employees in multiple devices by manually or automatically transferring employee verification methods (badges) from device to another in one screen!


These popular solutions only represent a fraction of AMGtime’s offerings. For a more comprehensive look into what AMGtime can provide Staffing Agencies, click here.

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