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How to Have a Small Profitable Business and Get it to Make Money?

AMGtime How to Have a Small Profitable Business and Get it to Make Money 

Most people these days are always on the lookout for new ways and strategies to earn more money. This is why more and more people are venturing into owning a business. Like everything, new businesses start small and when you take the right paths, you are most likely to grow into something bigger. But before you jump into the exciting world of business, allow us to answer a few questions. One, how to have a business in general? Two, how do you get your business to make money and keep earning money? All these will be answered in this article. Although brands and businesses differ a lot from each other most successful businesses have a few things in common. It is not only enough to have profitable ideas. You have to find ways and techniques to implement those ideas effectively.

Do market research

market researchMost profitable small businesses usually start by conducting market research. Let’s quickly run through the definition of market research. Market research is basically the gathering and analyzing of data about a business, its market, and the business’ products or services. The market research also covers the past, present, and future clients of the said business. With market research, you get to also study the spending habits of the consumers. So for a brand to fully grasp its targeted market, they have to conduct effective market research. This is why we have come up with a couple of market research techniques that are effective and accurate.

Effective market research methods:

  • Study how your competitors do business. Before jumping into the world of business, it’s highly essential that you recognize your competitors and how they handle business. This way you know what they have to offer, and top those offers. There are also websites and programs that could help you tap into your competitors’ online data. You can see their reach and engagements. Basically, you can find their online trail and see what you’d want to do differently for your business.
  • Start conducting surveys. Most start-up businesses struggle with a few issues. But one of the most glaring ones is the fact that start-up brands have little to no customer information to use for their market research. This is when surveys are helpful. By conducting surveys, you can gather a ton of data to build the profile for your marketing research. Conducting surveys in exchange for discounts can also help boost your sales. With surveys, you can hit two birds with one stone: higher sales and better research.

Improve your business plan continuously

Improve your business plan continuouslyIt is no brainer that starting a business means having a plan. Almost anything and everything begins with a plan. Businesses are no different. With planning, also comes data gathering – data like high margin businesses or which business makes the most money. These are the information you need to know to be able to plot your business plan effectively and regularly. Before formulating a plan, it is highly essential that you have business improvement ideas and know the aspects where a business can improve. Only after data gathering can you begin building your plan and improve as you go. However, most people would ask one thing: how does one do a business plan? In this article, we’ll give you a quick guide on how to do a business plan. We can then ensure that you can either begin yours or improve the one you currently have.

  • Determine what the plan is for. You can never begin planning without a goal. That’s just not how this works. Knowing what your plans and business will be for will greatly help you in planning.
  • Build a company profile. Your company profile should have these: your business history, the services, and products you offer, your target audience, your resources, how you’ll handle obstacles, and what makes your brand stand out. Having a company profile makes planning easier – you know what your core values are as you go along.
  • Plan for marketing campaigns. Any business should always have an aggressive marketing plan to follow. This plan’s sole purpose is to achieve marketing objectives.

Use the PDCA (Plan, do, check and act) method

PDCA methodThe PCDA or the Plan, Do, Check, and Act method is pretty straightforward. Implementing this means you get better time management strategies and staff productivity. You could also partner with the PDCA method with an effective employee time tracking system. This way you manage your staff and time better, which will result in more productivity and efficiency.



Like we mentioned, planning is where everything begins. In planning, you should identify where you might have issues for your business. Find process problems and develop potential resolutions.


This is when you put your plans into action – begin on a small scale for little to no risks.


Compare your new strategies to the old ones. Which is more efficient? Did you solve the issues? If the solution doesn’t satisfy your needs, go back to “plan”. To make checking more easier, you can use free time tracking tools.  The tools will surely increase staff productivity.


If your solutions were helpful, implement them to your brand as a whole.

Balance passion with wisdom

Balance passion with wisdomThe business should always come from deep-rooted passion. You know how the saying goes, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” While this is true, passion without wisdom leads to quicker burnouts and tired hearts. Invest your passion wisely. Wherever your passion leads you, always have wisdom as its perfect pair.

With all these ideas on how to profit in a business, don’t forget to be flexible and consider some best things to flip for profit. In the end, it really boils down to two things: grit and passion. Passion gives one the courage to begin while grit keeps that passion going. Grit will keep you working for your business in the midst of all the struggles you will face. Grit will keep you planning, and doing – in spite and despite all the obstacles.


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