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How Easy It Is to Cater AMGtime to Your Needs

How Easy It Is to Cater AMGtime

Scalability is one of the greatest assets that sets us apart from our competitors. Here at AMGtime, we believe creating tools that can help all angles of labor management. Our robust software that can truly cater to any industry’s and any company’s needs. Scroll below to read about some of the ways you can cater to AMGtime to your needs.

Customizable Dashboard

Our system’s dashboard gives a concise, clear, and real-time overview of your labor’s attendance, absence, or tardiness. There are various ways to customize the dashboard. The Dashboard is comprised of a list of upcoming events, status board, last used reports/payroll, a graph of Missings/Tardiness/Absence, time off requests, last poll dates, and even missing punches. All the listed elements of the dashboard can be customized individually. You can specify which type of events you want to be listed, list the favorite reports and payroll you want readily available, as well as hide the widgets you don’t use often.

Organizational Լevel

The AMGtime system allows you to organize your company into multiple levels such as headquarters, division, groups, departments, and jobs. Each level can be more than one. For example, you can assign 2 or more headquarters with different names.

Certain companies might require an employee to switch between jobs and departments throughout their shift. This can make tracking an employee’s time complicated especially if the different job/department includes a different wage. Therefore, AMGtime has built out a feature, called Job & Department Costing, within the software that not only allows you to transfer between jobs/departments but also applies varied compensation to one employee.


There are countless reports listed within our system, from government-regulated ones like the 1094-C and 1095-C Reports to more AMGtime-specific ones like the Forecasting Report. We offer other reports that can be customized according to select employees, date ranges, categories, pay codes, and more.

User Permissions

Companies tend to have various levels of management with different responsibilities. The AMGtime system allows for different levels of access and permissions throughout the software. Different managers can be given varying access throughout the software to view, edit, add, or delete information.

Category/Pay Codes

The software includes standard categories or pay codes and also allows users to add an unlimited number of customized categories and pay codes for employee hours. These categories/pay codes include vacation, commission, sick, tips, and any other code specific to any industry. By setting the categories/pay codes, calculations of employee benefits will be automated based on the company’s policies. Along with this option to add, there’s also a report that can be broken out by these specified categories.

Specialized Industry Solutions

We offer specialized solutions for industries such as Skilled Nursing, Staffing, Construction, Hospitality, and more. This has made us a preferred vendor across many industries. Click here to see all the industry solutions we offer.


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