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Top 10 Funniest Reasons Employees are Late to Work

Top 10 Funniest Reasons Employees are Late to Work

Though it can be comical, we all know that bosses have heard every excuse in the book when it comes to why employees are late to work. From my grandma died (again) to the dog ate my car keys, it seemingly never ends. So, if you find you aren’t going to be punching the clock on time, consider getting a little creative with your excuses, and maybe you’ll at least get an “E” for effort!

1. Transportation Complications

Transportation ComplicationsThe automatic garage door ran out of batteries, absolutely none of your neighbors were home, and you couldn’t get your car out.  So, obviously, you had no choice but to wait until your husband came home to manually open it for you. Transportation is always an easy out because it has literally happened to everyone at least once. Other excuses might include someone stole your tires, there was a gang war on your block and your windows were shot out, or your wife tied your keys to an angry ferret. What could you do?

2. Observing a Holiday

It’s International Pancake Day, and IHOP was serving pancakes.  After all, a national holiday deserves observation, right? You might also throw in your religion/cult requires you to eat pancakes.

3. Family Issues

Your wife was attempting to get pregnant that morning, and you felt it was important to be there. They probably won’t ask any follow-up questions.

4. Moving Day

Though it was clearly a misunderstanding, they towed your house, and you have to go get it out of the impound lot. Or, perhaps, your house was stolen while you were still in it, and you are now officially kidnapped. Someone may need to call the authorities!

5. Arrested Development

Arrested DevelopmentDue to mistaken identity, you were detained by the cops. But luckily, you evaded arrest, and after a lengthy police chase, you lost them, making it into work as soon as you could. What a dedicated employee you are!

6. A Kid-tastrophe 

Your kid accidentally got a hold of your phone and dialed 911. The cops and child protective services showed up at your house and kept grilling you to find out what really happened. Dang kids!

7. Noise Disturbance 

The voices in your head kept you awake all night long, telling you not to go into work that day, and you’ve learned to heed their warning… What choice did you have?

8. Arachnophobia

You trapped a huge spider under a jar last night. When you woke up, it was gone, and there was a note saying “I wouldn’t put your shoes on if I were you.” So, you showed up as soon as you could (after enlisting the help of Wildlife Preservation Services)…Hence, the flip-flops.

9. Chemical Spill

When you woke up this morning and turned on the shower, Di-hydrogen monoxide came spewing out, and you had to call a plumber to check it out. If your boss isn’t a chemist, this one can be used multiple times for the shower, toilet, and sink!

Up, Up, and Away! 10. Up, Up, and Away! 

After watching the Disney movie Up with your kids, you wanted to see if attaching balloons to your house would literally launch it into the air and it worked. Clearly, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that couldn’t be missed.

And there you have it! Whether you’ve used some of these before or now have some good ones to add to your repertoire, these are guaranteed to entertain!


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