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4 Free Business Tools to Boost your Startup

4 Free Business Tools to Boost your Startup

Startups have gained traction in the past years due to their fresh offerings and ability to tap into new innovations for a market that is always looking for something different. As we gear up for the new year startups can get a head start by applying technology to their business to improve communication and workflow. The consensus, however, is that no matter how technology-driven our lives maybe technology is just there to assist and not to replace the human touch. Technology will definitely be there to give us further insight and help people perform their roles better. The following is a discussion of the many ways free software can enhance systems in the workplace so startups can have another year of productivity and success.

AMGtime – Time clock software



Time clock softwareAMGtime is a software system that tracks the time and attendance of your employees. This software system can also allow you the unlimited configuration of shifts, track pay, timecard data and identify benefits and miscellaneous entries. AMGtime allows managers to track the performance of each employee at any time through one status board and also allows free time clock software for a team with up to 5 members. As a manager, you have the freedom on how to track overtime and rounding rules and how to customize attendance reports. AMG time can also be linked with payroll providers so payroll managers can export the information from the AMG system to payroll.


AMGtime is available for download as a free time tracking software. It has a free trial for 30 days, thereafter you have to pay a certain amount monthly. AMG has over 20 years of experience in the business of time tracking and has generally received good reviews throughout the internet. It has a basic package as well as specialized solutions for niche markets. AMG is available at a competitive price that is attractive to businesses. However, the downside of the program is the large documentation. You may need to spend a lot of time with the program to figure out how you can implement complex attendance rules like rounding clock in/out, lunch and breaks for specific usage scenarios. 


ZOHO CRM – Free CRM software



CRMBusinesses are always handling large volumes of complex data that cover business transactions with their customers. These data are of great value because it can provide information on how businesses will achieve their next level expansions as well as track customer behavior and preferences. A businesses’ data and record should be kept safe and well organized and CRM or Customer Relationship Management software can give you stress-free record keeping. CRM helps you with all your customer data by putting it in one place allowing your employees to be more productive and efficient. Your employees will know when to update the information when to call your customers to follow up, confirm orders and even send them holiday or birthday greetings. The result will be better and long-lasting relationships with you and your customers.


Implementing a CRM system in your business means transitioning from a manual to an automatic process. You may need to provide training for your team and this involves time and money. Having all your information on a computer also means that you are vulnerable to hacking. Keep your antivirus up to date and always have a backup so you won’t have to start from zero in case your systems get hacked by malicious software. Keep your staff well-trained so they are ready to rectify such attacks. You also have to be prepared with the fact that CRM my initially slow you down. Everything is going to be recorded including phone calls with your clients. All transactions will be noted down via computer and this will take several minutes to complete. The short-term disadvantage will outweigh the long-term advantages in the end. There is plenty of free CRM software for business and it is good to try a good fit for your particular business structure. Get a CRM consultant to help you optimize your CRM for your business.

CANVUS – Free inventory software



Are you in the business of retail or drop shipping? You can get organized and attain a whole new level of efficiency by integrating inventory software into your system. Get inventory management software for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales, and deliveries. Even if your business is not internet-based you can still get a lot from an inventory tool. A manufacturing business can create a work order, bill of materials and other production-related documents. You can save a lot by using this innovative software. You can prevent product overstock and outages. Inventory software stores data in hard copy form or spreadsheets.


There are free inventory tools out there that give you simple inventory software capabilities. Services of this type may be enough for your needs if your business is small scale. However, if you look into the free services of inventory software available, it is extremely limited even for a small-scale business. You really need to shell out some extra cash if you want to get decent inventory software. Nowadays, it is hard to imagine running a business without some kind of inventory software. You save money and satisfy customers by using good inventory software, but you have to invest to get the software and services that are just right for your business.


Clickup – Free Project management software



Project management softwareYour project managers deal with tons of information in your company. These data are vital to your company’s success because it deals with your customers and employees’ information. The talent that you hire is vital to your business success, so your project manager is handling a lot of responsibility. A Project Management tool can introduce efficiency and a more streamlined process in your office. Software tools simplify project management tasks such as resource planning, organizing and motivating a project team, cost estimating, analyzing and managing the project risk, etc. The software ensures that these data are easy to manage and access. Your project managers will have extra time to do higher-level tasks such as cost estimating, developing the budget, ensuring customer satisfaction, etc.   


Transitioning to an electronic system means that your data is open to breaches on privacy through hacking. Information is so sensitive that if there were unauthorized individuals who will get into your computer system the project information can be up for grabs. Although there is password protection you are vulnerable to tech-savvy people within and outside your company. Also, while project management software is meant to help organizations to arrange things and streamline processes managers may need some time to learn how they should use the software. If you and your team members use project management software for the first time, you are most likely to make the transition from traditional spreadsheets.

Technology takes away most of the headaches in organizing large volumes of records and data. The information helps you in your next business goals, how to interact with your customers, and how you can improve on products and services. However, you still require expert users to have the potential of technology fully realized. Make the most out of technology but make sure you have invested enough in training personnel to avoid the pitfall and risks of new technology.



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