AMGtime will be showcasing at HR Tech Conference 2019 in Las Vegas!

AMGtime will be attending HR Tech Conference organized at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 1-3. At booth 1548, AMGtime will showcase time and labor management, scheduling solutions, biometric devices, and mobile apps as well as our latest updates pertaining to recent and upcoming biometric laws. Attendees will be able to see why so many people choose to utilize AMGtime’s attendance and time management solution.

Our latest update brings all users of our web-based service into compliance with the requirements of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) and California Consumers Privacy Act (CCPA). As some states have already enacted these laws and others prepare to, AMGtime believes in being one step ahead and preparing for the future. Another recent addition is new features to AMGtime’s Advanced Workforce Scheduling solution which gives the flexibility to schedule an entire workforce. One feature, in particular, is the Daily Scheduler that gives managers the option to drag and drop to adjust to employees’ daily schedules and breaks all on one screen. Industries like Healthcare, Construction, and Convenient Stores will reap the most benefits from these new features as it simplifies the process of scheduling employees in a flexible manner.

With a community of over 10,000 and growing, HR Tech is the largest technology and services exposition in the world. This year’s opening Keynote speaker is real estate mogul, Barbara Corcoran of ABC’s Shark Tank, as she will go into detail about strategies to develop a winning team. In the world’s largest expo of its kind, size of 7 football fields, attendees are able to explore 1,000’s of HR technology solutions as well as the opportunity to network with CEOs, CFOs, and CMOs in the industry. The session packed agenda includes speakers who are industry experts from across the nation in a span of three days. The expo offers lots of activities and attractions at the conference like webinars, HRTech talks, product demos, and free guided tours all jampacked into three days.

Stop by AMGtime at booth 1548, to learn more about time and attendance management solutions and its importance in the workforce.

Don’t forget to bring a business card for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card!


About the Company

AMGtime is a national leader of time, attendance, and scheduling solutions used for workforce management. In addition to customizable and scalable software on both cloud and PC, AMGtime offers a variety of biometric devices and mobile applications. AMGtime is recognized as a preferred partner across multiple industries such as skilled nursing, staffing, and construction, due to their innovative industry-specific solutions. With an open API, AMGtime can be bridged with payroll, HR, and other external software solutions. AMGtime’s offerings are customizable and adaptable for basic to complex configurations, and simple to implement, providing organizations with the highest level of efficiency and ROI. For more information visit


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Manage Your Staffing Agency with AMGtime’s Solutions

Efficiently manage employee time and attendance, pay rate and client rate, and managing employees working at different client locations can get quite strenuous for staffing agencies.

Fortunately, AMGtime has developed solutions that speed up the process and eliminate human error so that staffing agencies can focus on growing their business. AMGtime makes it easy for staffing agencies to introduce a time and attendance system to their clients.

Below are some popular AMGtime solutions amongst our staffing clients.


1. Staffing Agency Module


This module tracks employee hours at client locations, monitors employee pay rate and client bill rate, imports schedules, as well as runs a wage summary report that calculates wages on bill rate. Staffing agencies can painlessly manage their workforce with this solution.


2. Job & Department Costing


Job/Department costing allows management to apply varied compensation per employee based on different jobs and/or departments to which they are assigned. Employees of staffing agencies tackle different jobs throughout the day. Some jobs may require a different skillset and therefore higher/lower pay than others. This solution ensures that the appropriate wages are linked with the correct employee for their hours worked, making managing wages effortless.


3. One Screen Easy Scheduling


Scheduling employees have never been easier! One Screen Easy Scheduling allows managers to create and edit all employees or a group of employee’s schedules in one screen. This is great for staffing agencies as they often need to quickly schedule multiple employees all at the same time. This feature also allows for setting schedule rotations.


4. Badge Repository


Hardware provides one of the most efficient ways for Staffing Agencies to gather time and attendance data across multiple clients. However, can get time-consuming to transfer employee information across various devices in different locations. The Badge Repository feature allows you to save time setting up employees in multiple devices by manually or automatically transferring employee verification methods (badges) from device to another in one screen!


These popular solutions only represent a fraction of AMGtime’s offerings. For a more comprehensive look into what AMGtime can provide Staffing Agencies, click here.

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Let AMGtime’s Solutions Help You Manage Your SNF Workforce

Let AMGtime’s Solutions Help You Manage Your SNF Workforce

Managing Skilled Nursing Facilities has a lot of moving pieces. Accurately tracking employee time and attendance, scheduling the right number of caretakers for their patients, monitoring direct care hours spent per patient, maintaining compliancy, and more are crucial but time-consuming factors. Ultimately, they take time away from what matters most, focusing care on patients.

Luckily, not only does AMGtime provide efficient and accurate time and attendance solutions but has also developed the Skilled Nursing Facility module – a solution that was inspired by a long-standing SNF client’s pain points. The Skilled Nursing Facility module was developed to automate the calculation of the Nursing Hours per Patient Day (HPPD) ratio and Certified Nursing Assistant hours, to make sure staffing requirements set by the state and federal government are met. This also includes an XML output according to PBJ specifications as well as other relevant reports.

AMGtime helps control labor costs, minimizes compliance risk, and improves workforce productivity. Scroll below for additional popular solutions amongst Skilled Nursing Facilities.


1. Benefit Accrual & Mandatory Sick Leave Module


This module creates and configures rules for automatically accruing benefits based on a facility’s policy as well as an employee’s number of worked hours. This solution also calculates and adds available sick pay depending on hours worked. Through automating these calculations, the SNF can ensure efficiency in managing their employees’ benefits and sick leave.


2. Job/Department Costing


Job/Department costing allows management to apply varied compensation per employee based on different jobs and/or departments to which they are assigned. It is common for SNF employees to take on different jobs throughout the day. Some jobs may require a different skillset and therefore higher/lower pay than others. This solution ensures that the appropriate wages are linked with the correct employee for their hours worked, making managing wages effortless.


3. Workforce Scheduling


Workforce Scheduling automates the process of employee scheduling. Assigning schedules in an SNF facility has more nuances than other companies. Doctors, physical therapists, nurses, administrative staff, janitorial staff, and others make up a functioning skilled nursing facility. This workforce scheduling solution smartly schedules staff for appropriate shifts. Management can create schedules through auto-scheduling or using the ‘Best Candidate’ option to fill shifts. Managers can set specific certifications, skills, trainings, and/or other job qualifications. Meanwhile, employees set their own availability and preferences. With manager approval, employees can drop, pick-up, or swap shifts with colleagues of the same qualifications. This solution ensures required shifts are covered with the correct staff, eliminating mix-ups and coverage gaps.


4. Biometric Devices


AMGtime offers a vast collection of biometric devices with multiple data capture options.  SNFs can track employee’s attendance on devices through fingerprint, facial recognition, proximity badge/ID card, or PIN/password. Devices can be placed in multiple locations of the facility as all devices connect to our software and synchronize data in real-time. SNFs find facial recognition devices particularly attractive as it provides a hygienic, “no-touch” punch in.

These popular solutions only represent a fraction of AMGtime’s offerings. For a more comprehensive look into what AMGtime can provide SNFs, click here.


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Survival Guide for HR Tech Conference

AMGtime HR Tech Survival GuideAre you ready for the upcoming Annual HR Technology Conference in Vegas? HR Tech is the go-to event for everything tech and HR. With 400+ exhibitors, you’ll increase your knowledge on all the latest happening in HR as well as purchase and implement systems that’ll aid your HR needs.

Conferences, though fun and exciting, can be quite overwhelming. Luckily, the AMGtime team had dug deep into their vast experience attending conferences and put together some pointers to make sure you make the best of HR Tech 2018!

1) Download the App

Stay connected and download the app, it’s free! Users will have access to all app features including schedules, floor map, planner, press releases and so much more. If there are certain booths you want to see, easily save them down or add it to your planner. (Speaking of apps, check out this app. It’s an extremely user-friendly – in our unbiased opinion.)

2) Stay Hydrated and Fed

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” in this situation it most definitely is! To start off a long day, make sure you eat a hearty breakfast to get you through the day. And of course, always stay hydrated with water! Bring your own water or stop by any beverage station.

3) Have Your Business Cards on Hand

You will never know who you may meet at these conferences. It is always good to have lots of business cards ready. Keep in touch with the connections that interest you! Plus, you can use them to enter to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card at AMGtime’s booth! (Shameless plug.)

4) Dress for Success

You don’t need to dress like you’re walking down the runway (though feel free to do so!) but do wear something sharp but comfortable. Layers are a must. The temperature throughout the trade show fluctuates depending on the number of attendees in the room. If you happen to need an extra layer, or want to change into a t-shirt, stop by our booth for a super stylish AMGtime one. (Another shameless plug.) Also, to get through a long day of walking, you should wear comfortable, but presentable footwear. (Sadly, no AMGtime shoes yet, but you can hang out by us to rest a bit.)

5) Conserve your Energy

HR Tech is organized in Vegas every year, the city known for partying and gambling. Definitely take advantage, but towards the end so you’re at your best during the conference.

If you have any other Vegas/Conference or labor management questions, do visit us at booth #1353!

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