AMGtime and Evolution Integration

AMGtime and Evolution HCM Integration

Did you know that AMGtime has integrated with Evolution, an HCM company to seamlessly synchronize time, attendance and employee records for payroll and billing? You no longer need to tediously transfer data manually! This integration will eliminate any gaps during payroll processing and guarantee accuracy of employee and payroll data as well as compliancy with labor laws.

If this Evolution is not your payroll provider, AMGtime offers various seamless API integrations with many popular payrolls and HCM software, which include: QuickBooks, Paychex, Xero, BambooHR and more. AMGtime has also built out payroll exports for over 120+ payroll providers, such as ADP, Sage and Ceridian.


To learn more on this integration, read our press release HERE.

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Paychex Flex Integration

AMGtime is now seamlessly integrated with Paychex Flex, automatically syncing employee data as well as time and labor management data with Payroll. This integration eliminates tedious steps of manually transferring data from time and attendance to payroll. Clients simply log in to their AMGtime account and follow the easy steps laid out in Payroll Integration and with a few clicks automate the data transference process. This seamless integration will drastically reduce the possibility of errors and save valuable company time!

Paychex, Inc is a leading provider of integrated human capital management solutions. To cater to small and midsized businesses, Paychex developed Paychex Flex. This easy to use solution allows you to run payroll, manage HR, and more!

AMGtime’s open API has allowed for full integration with top of the class software applications. AMGtime realizes that successful companies require several software systems ranging from Payroll, HR, CRM, production control to POS systems and more, so they’ve set out to make life easier for their clients and synchronize whenever and wherever it makes the most sense. Learn more about AMGtime’s current integrations here:

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AMGtime and QuickBooks Integration

AMGtime and QuickBooks Integration

AMGtime offers a seamless two-way integration with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Enterprise. Users can automatically sync time, attendance and employee data for payroll and billing. Gone are the hours spent manually importing or updating employee data and time worked!

Simply set up all the elements you’d like to match between QB and AMGtime. Aside from syncing Company Information with Current Headquarters, you can also map Customers (Divisions), Items (Departments), and/or Classes (Jobs). All designed to make your life easier!


AMGtime also offers seamless API integrations with other payroll and HCM software, including Xero, CloudPayroll, Paychex and more. QuickBooks customers can find AMGtime on the QuickBooks App Store.


To learn more, read our press release HERE.

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