To run the AMG Client software without Windows Admin access, follow these steps:
  1. Install the client as a Windows admin (always required for installation)
  2. Delete the three AMGtime desktop shortcuts (you will need to make new ones)
  3. Browse to the installation folder. The default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\AMGtime\AMG Attendance System
  4. Delete the file (delete, don't move it somewhere): AMG Attendance System.exe.manifest
  5. Create new shortcuts for the features you want available to that user. Right click the following files, choose "Send to" and select Desktop (create shortcut):
    • AMG Attendance System.exe = AMGtime (main program)
    • AMG PC CLock.bat = PC Clock
    • AMG Status Board.exe = Status Board
Now you should be able to run the program using your new desktop shortcuts.


NOTE: AMGtime requires Windows admin permissions for all of its features to function. For example, the ability to poll clocks or run reports (including autoprocesses) may be affected. AMGtime can only provide technical support for clients that are running with Windows administrator permissions as intended.