Finger Print Reader AMG Biometric 100C HID

  • Enroll up to 10 fingerprints per employee
  • 3 Verification modes (fingerprint, HID card & pin/password)
  • Each terminal holds 3,000 fingerprints

AMG 100C HID Fingerprint Reader requires employees to clock in and out using their unique fingerprint. Each employee can enroll 10 fingerprints.  The AMG 100C HID fingerprint reader eliminates buddy punching and puts a stop to employee time theft. It has a modern design with a LCD screen which displays the time and date.  When an employee clocks in/out a thank you prompt is given.  This biometric fingerprint reader has three different verification modes: fingerprint, proximity card/keychain FOB, and pin/password.

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Power Supply Plug

Benefits of the AMG 100-C + Finger Print Reader:

  • Enroll up to 10 fingerprint per employee
  • Enroll employee proximity badge
  • Enroll employee PIN/password
  • Communication: Ethernet (TCP/IP), Serial RS232, USB Flash Drive
  • AM/PM Display
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Department Transfer
  • Job Costing
  • 2 Hour operational battery back-up
  • LCD Display
  • 5 year Lithium battery data back-up

Features of AMG 100C Finger Print Reader:

  • Plug and Play Simplicity
  • Web Ready
  • Optical Sensor
  • 2 Hour Operational Battery Backup
  • LCD Display: Blue Background and Black Characters
  • Numerical keys to perform flexible menu selection, keyboard input & various settings
  • Communication Mode: RS-232, TCP/IP and USB Drive(transferring Data via USB Flash Drive)
  • Verification Mode: Fingerprint, Proximity Badge/Card, Key Chain Fob and Pin/Password
  • Administrator & User Distinction
  • Automatic Data Backup
  • Versatile Exporting Formats
  • Multi Language Support

Specifications of AMG Finger Print Reader:

  • Casing: Scratch-proof Plastics
  • Finger Placing Angle: ±45°
  • Failed Recognition Rate (FRR): Less than 0.01%
  • False Acceptance Rate (FAR): Less than 0.0001%
  • Identification Time: Less than 1s
  • Identification Mode: 1:N / 1:1
  • Operation Mode: Stand-alone
  • Verification Mode: Fingerprint, PIN Code
  • Capacity of Fingerprints: 3,000
  • Capacity of Users: 1,000
  • Capacity of Transactions: 100,000
  • Communication Mode: RS-232, RS-485, TCP/IP, USB Drive
  • USB Flash Drive Download: Yes
  • Name Display: Yes
  • Ring Inside: Yes
  • Voice Indicator: Yes
  • Power: 5V
  • ESD Protection: Less than 15kV

Computer Hardware Requirements

  • RAM: 2 GB or higher
  • Free hard disk space: 40 GB or more (depending on your database size)

Software Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Window Server 2003, 2008, 2012


Mini-UPS Battery

Mini-UPS Battery

Mini-UPS Battery 1900mAh DC 5V

Price: $25.00
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HID Proximity ID Cards

HID Proximity ID Cards

The Badges for the AMG HID Proximity Badge Reader are made from a durable plastic material.

Price: $2.99
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Communication Options

Universal Ethernet to Wi-Fi Adapter

Universal Ethernet to Wi-Fi Adapter

The Universal Wireless Adapter allows you to connect your Ethernet device to any Wireless network. Simply connect the adapter to your device without worrying about re-wiring. The unit also features a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button offering a quick and secure network setup. Avoid long stringing cables and enjoy freedom to place your home entertainment center anywhere and still be connected to the Internet.

Price: $85.00
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Badge ID Racks

Employee Badge Rack 12 Pocket

Employee Badge Rack 12 Pocket

12 Employee Badge Rack keeps time cards, badges & other items neatly organized within hands reach.

Price: $9.95
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Employee Badge Rack 24 Pocket

Employee Badge Rack 24 Pocket

24 Employee Badge Rack keeps time cards, badges & other items neatly organized within hands reach.

Price: $13.95
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