Reinstalling or Moving the Server

Description of issue: Reinstalling or Moving the Server



If installing on a new server, you must request a new serial from our website. (See Request a New Serial Tutorial

Go to Tools => Select Database

Click back-up/Restore

Select Browse and pick where you want the information saved.

Once the destination is chosen, click Start

Once the backup is complete, a prompt will appear confirming the back up. Click ok

Click Close to exit the Window.

From the software USB stick or download link originally provided at time of purchase, right click the file titled “Start Here” and run as admin.

From the main menu, click Install Server and create a new database

Once the Server is installed, install the client portion of the software by following the setup wizard.(If necessary)

After the Client portion is installed, ensure the program is running as admin (this can usually be done by right clicking the desktop icon => properties => compatibility => check run as admin).Open the AMG Attendance program and login. If it is a new server, the user name is admin and the password is password.

Once logged in, go to Tools  => Database  => Backup/Restore and restore from your previous database.

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