How to set up Payroll Integration for QuickBooks

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AMGtime integration with QuickBooks Desktop


AMGtime allows you to seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks payroll system. Through automatic data synchronization it will become easier for companies using both AMGtime and QuickBooks to transfer attendance data from the time and attendance system to the payroll system.


Data synchronization is done through the Payroll Integration Wizard. To open the wizard you should login into AMG Attendance System with your User Name and Password and go to Standard -> Payroll -> Payroll Integration menu.


As the Payroll Integration Wizard opens, data matching process will begin with QuickBooks.


Step 1

On the first step you should choose QuickBooks Desktop option and click on Next button to move to second step.


Step 2

Second step is the connection setup step. To connect to QuickBooks Desktop, you should click on below Save QWC file button and download AMG Attendance System.qwc file to your computer.


After downloading the file, the system will ask you whether you want to load the file into QuickBooks Web Connector.



If QuickBooks is installed on your computer, then click Yes in order to load the file into QuickBooks Web Connector.

If QuickBooks is installed in another computer, then at first you should transfer the downloaded AMG Attendance System.qwc file to that computer and then load the file into QuickBooks Web Connector. See how to load file into Web Connector below.




Step 1: Click on Add an application button, select AMG Attendance System.qwc file from the computer and click on Open button. As a result, AMG Attendance System.qwc file will be loaded into QuickBooks Web Connector and appears the following screen.



This screen informs that authorization for AMG Attendance System Web Service is required for granting access to QuickBooks data. Please read the information provided in the screen carefully.


Step 2. Run QuickBooks in your computer and make sure the correct company file is open.


Step 3: In the above Authorize New Web Service screen click on OK button to grant AMG Attendance System Web Service access to QuickBooks.

As a result, the following QuickBooks – Application Certificate screen will appear, which informs that AMG Attendance System application is requesting access to the QuickBooks company file. It is highly recommended that you read the information on this screen carefully.




Step 4: In order to grant access to AMG Attendance System, select the third “Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open” option (see picture below).

Optionally you can also check “Allow this application to access personal data such as Social Security Numbers and customer credit card information” check box if you want to grant access also to personal data available in QuickBooks.

Note: The only personal data that can be synchronized between AMG Attendance System and QuickBooks is Employee's Social Security Number.



Step 5: Click on the Continue... button. As a result, the following message box will appear:




Click on Done button to confirm that you are granting access.


Step 6: Open QuickBooks Web Connector again. You will see that AMG Attendance System application is added into Web Connector and also you will see a Password field for AMG Attendance System application. Enter the serial number of your AMGtime software into this field and press Enter. See image below.



As a result, the following message box will appear:




Click on Yes button to save the password in Web Connector.


Then check the box for AMG Attendance System application and click on Update Selected button. See the image below:



Step 5: Go back to AMG Attendance System -> Payroll Integration wizard's Connection Setup step and press Next button. As a result, you will be navigated to the following step:




Here in the Company Info section, you will see the Company Name, Product Name, and also whether access to personal data is granted or not.

Check Synchronize Company Information with Current Headquarters check box, if you want to synchronize company info in QuickBooks with current headquarters info in AMG Attendance System.



Step 5: In the Setup Mappings section, you will see all items which are available for synchronization and the default mapping of those items between QuickBooks and AMGtime systems. Synchronization of these items is optional, so if you don't want them to be synchronized, you can select NONE option. After selecting necessary items, mapping can be finalized by clicking on the Next button.



Step 6: The next step is the items synchronization step where all selected items will be compared to show differences. Green checkmarks () let you know which items in AMGtime Systems exactly match their relevant items in QuickBooks system. If you see a warning sign () please note that those are the items that require your attention. You may click on the SEE DETAILS link and choose to synchronize or not based on the differences you see. Red x’s () are the only fields that have to absolutely match before you can move forward to do payroll. You must click on the SEE DETAILS link and resolve anything shown in those items to be able to move to the next step.




Note that many of the items can be synchronized right from the window opened by clicking on the SEE DETAILS link.



NOTE: Synchronization is bidirectional for all items except for Company info, which is synchronized only from QuickBooks to AMGtime.


Before synchronization, if there are items available both in AMGtime and QuickBooks systems, then from Synchronization direction drop-down list those items should be synchronized from QuickBooks to AMGtime, or vice versa, should be selected.


If you have everything synchronized, and you see only green check marks, or warning signs, then you can move forward by clicking on Next button. If you also see Red x’s, then you cannot move forward with Next button, because it will be disabled. In these cases, you can move forward with Skip button, but it is highly recommended to go to details for those items and also synchronize.  Skipping synchronization of mandatory items may result in synchronizing inaccurate or incomplete attendance data. Note that if synchronization is not possible, then you can add necessary items manually either into AMGtime or QuickBooks systems.







Step 7: In the next Synchronize Attendance Data step, you should check all those employees whose attendance data you are going to synchronize.




Before checking employees, you can filter them by any of available fields. For checking all employees simultaneously you can check “All Filtered” option. After selecting necessary employees click on the Next button to navigate to the next step.


Step 8: The Select Pay Period step is the last step before synchronization. Select the Pay Period for which attendance data should be synchronized, then click on the Next button to start synchronization of attendance data.





Step 9: In the next step you will see the progress and results of attendance data synchronization process.






After synchronization is completed, click Finish button to close the synchronization window.




  1. 1.       If the connection with QuickBooks system is successfully set up, then each time when opening the Payroll Synchronization Wizard you will be automatically navigated to Payroll Synchronization step.
  2. 2.       Internet connection is mandatory both on the computer where AMG Attendance System is installed and on the computer where QuickBooks Desktop is installed.
  3. 3.       Synchronization is done through website, but no information is being saved.


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