How to configure AMG Mobile application with AMG PC Based software

In order to be able to use AMG mobile application with AMG software, both in the application and software should be done a proper configuration.

Before starting any configuration, please check the availability of the following prerequisites:

  1. Using at least version of AMG software
  2. Having "Employee Login" module enabled in your license, if not only users, but also employees should use mobile application
  3. Autoprocess Service is running on the computer to which mobile application should connect
  4. Open Port number 3003 on Internet Router. 

After ensuring that these prerequisites are available, start configuration.

In your AMG software:

Step 1. In the General Settings window activate the "Enable connecting to this computer from mobile" check box
Step 2. In the Edit Employee window, go to the Accesses tab and enable the Allow Login check box. Enter Login Configuration fields, enable Mobile Punch check box, choose Location Group and grant Accesses as required.

In AMG mobile application:

Step 1. Open the AMG Attendance System application
Step 2. Tap on the Settings iconin the top right corner of Login screen
Step 3. In the IP Address or Host Name field enter the External IP address of the network and the 3003 port number used by our mobile punch. Example:
Step 4. Press the Check button. If a connection with software is successful, you will receive a "The service is available" message and will be automatically navigated to the Login screen.
Step 5. Login with your username and password and start using application.

If connection with software is not successful, then you may receive one of the following messages:

  • "Mobile connection is disabled for this IP address." - this message may appear when in the software's General Settings window "Enable connecting to this computer from mobile" check box is disabled.
  • "Can't connect to the Server, Do you want to check your device internet connection settings?" - this message may appear when your mobile device is not connected to network.
  • "Can't connect to Server. Please try again." - this message may appear in several cases, such as, entered IP address is not available, entered port number is not correct, Autoprocess Service is stopped on the computer to which you are connecting, there is a server side error, etc.
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