How to add an employee to the software

Description of issue: How to add an employee



First complete configuration wizard if you have not already done so.

Go to definitions => Employees

Click the add button at the bottom of that window

If you want to copy the status, schedule, benefits, or wage of another employee, click yes when asked if you want to copy information of an existing employee. You will then chose the employee whose information you want to copy, select what to copy and click ok

If you do not want to copy from an existing employee or this is your first employee, click no

For step 1, you must enter information in the fields labeled Code, Badge, Division, Group, Headquarters, First Name, Last Name, and Hire Date. All other fields are optional

Next you must create a status by clicking the add button at the bottom of the screen

Enter the starting date for the status. (Note, the employees status will not take effect until this specified date)

Chose if you want the employee active or inactive

Select if this employee is part time or full time

Choose whether the employee is a temporary employee or permanent

Select which pay policy you want for this employee

You can also enter a reason on why you are changing the employee’s status if you would like

Next click ok to finish adding the status

Click Next at the bottom to move on to step 2

All of step 2 is optional

Click next to proceed to step 3

Here you can upload any files you want to attach to the employee

Click add and browse for the file you wish to upload and click ok

Click next to move on to step 4

Click the checkbox for the corresponding days you wish to schedule the employee for. Double click or select edit checked.

First mark the checkbox for work.

Next you will choose the shift group and the shift.

If you want the person to be able to float between shifts, select the floater checkbox.

Select deny short lunch/break duration if you want to restrict employees from clocking in from breaks early.

If you wish to assign a department or a job for the employee for that shift, you can do so from the corresponding dropdowns

Click ok to save your work

We do recommend assigning a shift to not schedule days just in case the employee does come in. To do this and make it so that they aren’t required to work that day, set up the schedule as if they were to work but after you have selected the shift and shift group, deselect work. Now the system will know not to mark the person as absent but if they do work, the system will assign the rules you have assigned to that shift type

Please note, that the current weeks schedule will be copied to next weeks if no new schedule is made. You can disable this feature in general settings. Also, if you wish to use a rotating schedule, you must enable the feature under general settings

Click next to move on to step 5

Here you can add benefits by checking the add benefits checkbox

Select the benefit you wish to add, subtract or balance.

Click add at the bottom of the window.

Choose if you want to add, subtract, or balance the benefits.

Select the amount of hours you want to assign

Pick a date range that the benefits will be usable for and click ok

Click next to move on to step 6 (if wage is enable under general settings)

Click add and select whether you want the employees wage calculated hourly, salary, or calculated salary

Pick the starting date for when this salary is active

Under amount, enter how much you want to pay the employee

If you pick salary you will also have to choose a period length

Click ok to save

Click next to move on to step 7

If you use ADP, BSSI or Millennium for your payroll, fill out the corresponding settings here. Otherwise move on to step 8

Here is where you will grant access permissions to your employees

If you want to use PC, you will select the corresponding checkbox and choose a password.

If you want the employees to be able to login to the software or mobile app, select the allow login checkbox and fill out the information.

If you want the employees to be able to use the mobile punch feature, select the mobile punch feature. (You can set up geo-fencing by selecting the location from the dropdown and you can also make the app take a photo for verification by marking take punch photo)

Here you can also allow the employee to access their timecard, schedule, benefit info, the pc clock, messaging, change passwords, and time off requests

When finished, click next

Here you can connect the employee to the time clock if they have already been entered in the clock

Otherwise click next to finish. 

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