How to Install a Bell on an AMG 100c or I60C


How to Install a Bell

When on a client’s site installing both the software and hardware the client might want you to install a bell to notify the employees of their break/ lunch. This is very simply and possible to do, as long as they have a clock that supports bell schedules. Note: The GT-400, HP-1000 and HP-2000 do not support a bell schedule.  If the client’s clock is capable of supporting a bell then these are the steps you will take to do so:




Note: Mount the clocks plate on the wall before you install the bell, remove the back cover to the clock and prepare to connect the cables.

Step 1. Remove back cover to clock (4 Phillip screws)

Note: The cable comes with 4 wires, we only need the purple and grey cable. You can remove the white and blue cables.

Step 2. Place the bell on the wall and mount it at a proper high and location.

Step 3. Run the cable from the clock and staple to the wall in a nice and neat manner where no one will trip or pull on the wire.



Step 4. Connect the power cables to the power adaptor plug.



Step 5. Connect the power cables to the clock.



Step 6. Connect the power cables from the plug to the clock.


Step 7. Connect the relay cables (Purple & Grey) to the power cables coming from the clock.



Step 8.  Insert the relay cables (Purple & Grey) into the clock.



Step 9. Place the back plate back onto the clock and finish mounting it to the wall. 

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