How to Configure FR2000

Ethernet / TCP-IP Communication Mode

Ethernet communication method, will allow you connect device to your

local network or WAN.

1. Press Menu key > Setup > Communication

specified Device ID. (ranged from 1 - 255).

Generally you want to start with value "1" for the first device and "2" for the second one.

2. Press arrow up or arrow downkey to set the port number, default value is 5005, please keep default value.

3. Press arrow up or arrow downkey to set the IP Address, Default gateway and Subnet mask. Save changes.

please refer to your network administrator IP Address, Default Gateway and subnet mask configuration.

4. Use arrow up or arrow downkey to set Ethernet to "Yes" and RS communication to "No".

5. Insert LAN cables into the RJ-45 port on the rnet > Press OK.

for configure the proper RS-485 device.


RS-232 Communication Mode (Serial cable)

Use the RS232 cable to connect the device to the computer. Connect the corresponding end of the cable to the 9-pin serial communication

port on the computer and the other end to the RS232 communication port on the device as shown below.

Note: Connections using the RS232 cable should not exceed 40 feet.

If the connection will be over a distance greater than 40 feet, please use RS485 or Ethernet communication mode.

1. Press Menu Key > Setup > Communication. Set Device ID, Baud Rate, press ESC and press OK to save changes.

2. Power cycle device.

3. Connect the RS232 (serial) cable with one end connected to the 9-pin communication serial port of the PC and the other to the RS232 communication interface on device.

4. Power cycle device.


RS-485 Communication Mode

1. Press Menu Key > Setup > Communication.

2. Set RS485 to "Yes" and Ethernet to "No" and save the changes.

Note: RS485 port converter is required

3. Power cycle device.

4. Prepare an Cat-5 cable according to the actual distance from device to the computer. One end of cable should mounted to RJ-45 header and the other end is bare wire. Connect the 7th and 8th pin

respectively on 485(+) and 485 (-) on the converter (refer to appendix for more details).

5. Connect the RS485 converter into the serial port of the computer (Figure 4.1). Connect the other end with RS232 header to the RS232 interface on the Device.


USB Flash Disk Communication Mode

"USB download" option, allows you to transfer attendance information simply using a USB flash disk will also can be used to upload employee enrollment from another clock as well.

1. Attendance records will be stored in the device every time employee punching in and out. These data can be downloaded from device onto the USB drive and then uploaded to your computer then acquired and analyzed by the AMG Attendance Software.

2. All proximity card or PIN enrolled in device can be downloaded to the USB flash disk, which later can be uploaded to a different AMG FP-30 device.

Downloading Employees' Attendance Records

1. Insert the USB drive into the USB port of device

2. Press MENU > Enroll > USB Download, Press OK to enter

3. Select Glog. Press OK to start the downloading process.

a confirmation will be displayed as below

Note :

If there are no new ATTENDANCE records in the device (attendance data

that has been downloaded or collected is no longer a new record), the

message "Download Fail" will appear in (GLog)

4. Repeat same process with All Glog


5. After completing the download, unplug the USB drive and insert it

into the computer's USB port. Open AMG software and select poll

function, and choose poll device from file to import attendance

records into the database.


Downloading/Uploading Employee Enrollment

1. Insert the USB drive into the USB port of device

2. Press MENU > Enroll > USB Download > AllEnrollDown

3. Press OK and start downloading the enrollment data.

4. To upload enrollment data, to a different device.

Plug the flash disk to different device USB port

press MENU > Enroll > USB Download > Upload Enroll

5. If there an enrollment present in the device, a message will prompt

you to delete all registrations.

By pressing OK, all registration data in the device will be overwritten by

the enrollment from USB flash disk. You may press ESC then device will

prompt confirmation for each duplicate ID .

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