How to Activate Universal Lockout Feature

Steps to activate universal lockout feature:


  1. Go to menu # 5 through the reader’s top panel
  2. Scroll to the “TA STANDOFF VALS”
  3. Select “YES”
  4. At the first “OUT CODE: 0” screen, key in # 100
  5. Now select a STANDOFF value. This value is the lockout timer in minutes. For example keyingin # 30 will activate the lockout for 30 minutes. (Only values between 0-255 minutes can be chosen and selecting zero will default to the next minute.)
  6. Leave all “BACK: 0” values at zeros by selecting “YES”
  7. Scroll to the “TA STANDOFF VALS” menu again
  8. Press “CLEAR” to exit

(Note: In order to see the “STANDOFF” menu screen at step # 5 again you must re-enter the first OUTCODE at step # 4 above)

This feature will only work with the following configurations:
Product: F-Series Hand Punch 4000 & XL Models

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