How do I use the employee import option to import employees

Issue : How do I use the employee import option to import employees?

Resolution : Make sure the employee code (which corresponds to the employees' ID in payroll, the employee badge, which is the employee's ID for the device or web/pc clock, as well as their name. All other fields are optional.

***Please not that the PC clock is the same as the Web clock. 

Next, save the file as a csv file.

In  the software, go to tools and select import and click import employees. 

Click browse and choose the file. Once the file is selected, click next to move on to the next step. 

On this page, you will choose the default options for the employees if the information is not already entered on the csv file. After you make your selections, click next.

From this page, match and possible fields with what fields you have on your spreadsheet. If you do not have that field on your spreadsheet, make sure the dropdown is blank.

Once you matched everything up, click next and select finish. 

A confirmation will appear letting you know how many people were imported.


Link to Import File :

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